Welcome to Asian
    Bistro Stamford

    We Open a new Asian Bistro Stamford, CT where located at. Our restaurant sells a 1000 sushi rolls a day. Thats enough to go around the entire globe! Whether you’re out for a casual lunch of sushi, or a wild time at the bar&lounge, you won’t be disappointed at Asian Bistro.

Freshest Sushi & Sashimi

All our fresh sushi items are of Sashimi grade which are used in high end restaurants for your enjoyment.

Online Order

Order food online from Sushi of Asian Bistro Stamford - delivery or pick up!


Your event may be set up and served by our Special Events coordinator. Free Delivery within 3 miles. (Min order $20)
Call 203.998.7333 / 7334


We're always happy to take your reservation over the phone. Call 203.998.7333 / 7334